45-70 trapdoor ammo

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  • 1,280 FPS (24″)
  • 405 grain round nose flat point
  • 500 Rounds
  • New Starline Brass
  • Hodgdon (smokeless) Powder

45-70 trapdoor ammo

45-70 trapdoor ammo in stock 2022. Buy 45-70 trapdoor today and get a chance to gain a discount from $1000 order today. This is our favorite 45/70 load for casual plinking.  These bullets are custom made with a softer alloy that is ideal for the lower pressure and velocity of a proper Trapdoor load.   If you are a purist and can’t wrap your head around shooting jacketed Trapdoor loads…this one’s for you.

45/70 Government 405gr. RNFP Trapdoor Load 250Rds


2 reviews for 45-70 trapdoor ammo

  1. ttobmisyrt

    This ammunition elevates it up to .45-70 to a completely new level. In my model 86 and in my Sharps it is a solid 200 yard cartridge that has a devastating impact.

  2. angeluismarmijan

    Purchased to use as hunting ammunition, but we haven’t tried it yet for hunting ammo. Shoot several rounds, accurate at 135 yards. Use the 45-70 Federal + 325 grain Xtreme Hunter for hunting whitetail deer which proved devastating. Also, I used 10-millimeter Auto 150 Grain Xtreme Hunter for hunting whitetail deer using a handgun and it was devastating too. Overall, I’ve been extremely pleased by the entire range of Underwood ammo items.

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